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Success Stories

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We have students

in the 5 continents

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Plaza de España



Students love us!


Thanks to our L1S2 methodology

they learn how to speak Spanish 

with confidence in little time

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Success Stories

Students love us

they learn how to speak Spanish

with confidence

in little time

Lucia is a fantastic Spanish teacher…and friend!


She creates opportunities for language to come alive with her enthusiasm for sharing the rich culture of Spain. Lucia opened her heart to our family and encouraged us to participate in so many wonderful and unique events and opportunities.


You will always have a special place in my heart…thank you Lucia!

Sheryl Bowhay - Canada


Image by Alex Dudar


Cámara vieja moda de la película

Film Effects Co Ltd

Image by Christian Wiediger



ITV Studios 

Image by Matthew Ball


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Channel 5 U.K.

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