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Compañeros de trabajo hablando por videoconferencia

Highly recommended: 

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How do the Meet Ups work?

At the Online Meet Ups you are put into Zoom rooms were you can talk to other attendees. Each meeting last 50 minutes.

This is how it works:
- First we say "Hola" "Saludar" attendees
-Short presentation on the "Weekly Topic" "Group Game" or "Quiz"
-Attendees get divided into rooms to talk about the weekly topic 
-We come back to the main room for Q&A, a great opportunity to ask Lucía any questions
-We go back to the rooms for "Free Conversation"
-Finally we reassemble to say good bye, ending that days meeting.

Get access to two weekly sessions.
The more practice you get the sooner you will start to enjoy Spanish. At our Online Meet Ups you will get a much needed opportunity to practice. This will help you hold a conversation in everyday life situations.

Try a Free weekly trial! Then only 12€ per month

Image by Stephanie Liverani

"Lucia I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the meetup session on Thursday. Even though I have been doing the group lessons with you online, I was a little nervous about the meetup sessions. I don't need to worry - I was very relaxed and it works great. Thanks."

- Jane

Meet Ups for Practice!

FREE "Spanish Speakers"


It's time to break the ice and start speaking!
Try Linguanet Spain's FREE service.

If you are looking to develop the all important abilities that only come with practice, to meet new people, our board is definitely for you.

Execution is key to achievement

It’s time to speak Spanish with other students 👍

How to join Linguanet Spain's


You don't need to leave

any personal information

Once you are on the board you will see posts that other students have already created.

1- First, read their profiles

2- Second, choose who you would like to have a chat with

3- Then send this person an invitation

4-Once they have accepted your invitation, all you need to do is agree on a day and time to meet.

How to create your own post?

If you want to be contacted by other students, Increasing this way your opportunities to arrange meetings, please create your own post by leaving your name and profile. On the board you will find a step by step explanation, it's very easy!

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