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Where we
all speak

Linguanet Spain 

We believe that 
learning a language
must be


We are here to

Help students hold a conversation

with ease, confidence & trust even when talking to natives

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If you are based in sunny Jávea, Linguanet offers face to face lessons at our

Onsite School

Our Onsite

Palabra Cadabra

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Our Online

"Easy Spanish" is our Online School, where you will find courses, online live classes,

a Basic Course + culture: Fiestas, History, Cuisine & Art, Audio Library

Come to find out much more

Easy Spanish

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thanks to our immersion experiences your Spanish will advance quickly by experiencing life in Spain whilst you learn. Our programs offer opportunities to meet new people in friendly environments, where you will get a chance to speak freely, even if you make mistakes, without feeling pressured!

Immersion Experiences

Enjoy Spanish

1- Get to know us


2- Learn about our courses

​​​3- Choose the one that suits you best 


New "Easy Spanish"

Mobile App


Thanks to "Easy Spanish"  📱

L1 - Learn how to understand Spanish

from the device we all use most

Our mobile phones!

-Immerse into the 

culture & way of life

-On-the-go courses

& live lessons

-Become a "Spanish Speakers"


-Many practice opportunities


- A new topic each week

& much more, a 360º with

all you need to Speak Spanish

Why learn Spanish with Linguanet Spain?

Check out our new interview with Bay Radio!

Interview With Bay Radio
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Choose between online and on-site lessons

Learn in an
immersive way

Learn with
professional teachers

Beginner to advanced

Acquire the tools and techniques you need to hold a conversation in Spanish with ease thanks to our L1S2 method.

Looking for
individualized attention?

We taught the celebrities on

Channel 5 U.K. TV Program "Costa del Celebrity"

Watch the video

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