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You still don’t speak Spanish, and you want that to change?

Bandera de España

Have you ever considered the positive impact speaking Spanish would have on your life andopportunities it would bring your way?

Unlock Your Spanish Potential Today!

Because Speaking in a foreig language is not an accumulation of knowledge, it’s a skill that you need to develop if you want to hold a conversation, we teach you how!

Are you ready yo start learning spanish?

Are you concerned about this ? ⤵

Do any of these false

believes resonate with you?

  • I have no talent for languages.

  • I can live in a foreign country without speaking the language.

  • Learning Spanish is difficult.

  • I need to know every word before I can attempt to speak Spanish.

  • I need to  know every bit of grammar before I try to hold a conversation.

  • I need to be able to make long and complicated sentences.

La educación a distancia

Or maybe you feel that...

Pizarra con diferentes idiomas

Or maybe you feel that...

  • You have been studying Spanish for a while now, 

    but the results are not meeting your expectations.

  • You lack confidence when speaking the language.

  • You struggle to comprehend conversations directed at you.

  • You struggle to understand when Spanish converse.

Have you faced any of these scenarios before? 

Or maybe experienced these situations:

  • Fear that someone talks to you and you don't understand what they are saying.

  • Fear of speaking, forgetting words, pronouncing something wrong or using grammar incorrectly.

  • Fear of making a fool of yourself, of making mistakes, of being put in the spotlight.

  • You have been studying grammar, verbs and vocabulary for years but when you want to speak, you get blocked and cannot articulate a word.

  • In the past you have bought or attended many courses that have not worked for you.

  • You have already spent money on other courses.

  • You have spent hours trying to learn endless lists of words that forget from week to week.

  • You feel frustrated and incompetent, as if you are lacking talent for languages.

  • You have invested a lot of energy and even more importantly, your illusions, aspirations, dreams, and expectations, only to see little or no results.

Estudiantes en la biblioteca

The good news is that:
Learning Spanish doesn't have to be that way!
We invite you to:



Unlock Your Spanish Potential Today!

  • You will learn in a fun, easy and practical way.

  • You will only learn what you really need to know to maintain a conversation.

  • You will lose the fear of speaking Spanish even if you are a shy person.

  • Thanks to our simple method, you will learn step by step, with exclusive techniques and strategies, how to maintain a conversation in different situations.

  • You will be among the 20% of the population who speaks a second language.

  • You will enjoy speaking Spanish freely and fluently.

  • You will learn how to apply your knowledge, maximizing your strengths.

  • Not only do we give you content but we teach you how to use it.

  • Your classes are made up of 70% practise and 30% theory.

  • We give you a student map, to define your personal goals in terms of Spanish, which you can review every month and thus check your progress.

  • Your Spanish will improve significantly in just 2 months.

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Experience a "Live Paradigm" shift

  • Embark on a swift Spanish learning journey with the L1S1 methodology.

  • Join the vibrant "Spanish Speakers" community for friendly dynamic classes.

  • Access premier tools, news, melodies....

  • Immerse yourself in resources and connect with fellow learners to master Spanish.

  • Take control of your language journey and embrace the culture for proficiency in Spanish.

What we offer?

The Intensive Summer Program offers a holistic approach with our 360-degree complete program. We provide everything you need to master Spanish, covering all levels from beginners to advanced students. Join us and experience the difference of continuous support and comprehensive learning.

With our INTENSIVE SUMMER 2024 program, you'll see improvement from the very first lesson.

We focus on enhancing your conversational skills through practice using our unique L1S2 method. This proven approach has been successfully tested with numerous students at our physical school, operating since 2007, and our online school, established in 2011.

As pioneers in online education, we have attracted students from all over the world.

"What is included in my course?"

With our SUMMER 2024 Intensive you will get access to: 

3 Months access to Online classes, from July to September.

You will enjoy weekly group lessons

You will have access to our online platform and mobile app, allowing you to learn from anywhere you are!

The first 100 students will get a special Digital Ebook with educational content and exercises!

You will enjoy a 20% discount for  further private lessons!
& Much more....

Hurry Up! This is a limited offer! ​
The price goes up to
375€ on June the 15th!

All for only €300

What think our clients?

Do you have any question?

Clase en línea
Stationary photo

Fast and easy way to learn Spanish with our exclusive L1S1 method.

Our exclusive Spanish Speaker community

Improve your Spanish abilities with native partners and online classes

Exclusive content like news, song, videos and opportunitties

Exclusive disccount for keep learning with us!

All for only €300

Remember: ​
The price goes up to 375€ on June the 15th!

Do you have any question?

Clase en línea
Mar en calma

If you have any issues questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly support team, by writing to us at, where we will help you with everything you need.

For a very low price, only €300 per month, you will have access to all our content including live lessons + conversation Meetups & become a member of our community of “Spanish Speakers”.

The price of the course will go up on June the 15th.

You will have a 20% discount if once you use your 4 private lessons included in your summer program you decide to take further lessons.

GUARANTEE and terms and conditions of return: If for any reason you realize that course is not for you, we will refund your money, no questions asked, within a the first week.

All for only €300

The price goes up to 375€ June the 15th of June!


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