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Our Immersion Program & Experiences:
Enjoy Spanish

We offer opportunities to meet new people in friendly environments, where you will get a chance to speak freely, even if you make mistakes, without feeling pressured! 


Try our immersion courses where you can advance quickly by experiencing life in Spain whilst you learn.


My Promise to you

Joining our school will be a fun, engaging and rewarding experience. You will be amazed at how quickly you will start to understand, then start to speak Spanish. This will open a door into the wonderful world of Spain, its beautiful language and ancient culture.

Give us a try – you won’t regret it!

Lucía Villanueva

Director of Linguanet Spain

We create safe and comfortable surroundings were people can meet, hold a conversation & communicate.

Learn how to hold a conversation in Spanish whilst experiencing Spain!

Come and meet new people & start speaking Spanish today!

Choose Your Program

Coming soon...

Experience Burgos
(1 week)

Image by Manuel Torres Garcia

Immersion Program to discover Burgos, in the north of Spain and speak Spanish.

Price TBC

Let me know when this is available!

Enjoy Spanish
(1 week)

Comiendo paella

Stay with us at the Parador in Javea.

Intensive Spanish Course

Price TBC

Let me know when this is available!
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