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We Pioneered Online Teaching in 2011

Meet Linguanet's founder, Lucía Villanueva!


Passionate about languages and with a diverse career background, Lucía established a language academy in 2008, in 2011 introduced online teaching,

& has also translated books.

She has taught individuals worldwide, including notable British figures like Nick Owen, Ainsley Harriot, Anne Diamond, Christine Hamilton, and Vicky Michelle, as well as personal assistant Anna to the creators of YouTube, Amazon, and Facebook, and Jason Durel from FilmFx.


In addition to guiding students through university, Lucía has collaborated with Unir University of Logroño, where she educated teachers of "ELE" Spanish as a Second Language, establishing herself as a teacher of teachers.


In her own words:

With over 30 years of teaching experience, I possess a deep understanding of language education.

Growing up in a bilingual family has granted my fluency in English and Spanish, offering a unique teaching perspective for both languages. I also speak German.


My teaching approach centers on helping students master Spanish speaking skills.

While vocabulary and grammar are crucial, fluency remains the ultimate objective.


Hence, I have crafted an innovative language learning method that prioritizes engaging and enjoyable lessons infused with Spanish charm.

Are you prepared to learn?

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Fun fact:


We had the opportunity to teach on the prestigious UK Channel 5.


The program featured the following British personalities:

Nick Owen, Ainsley Harriot, Anne Diamond, Christine Hamilton, and Vicky Michelle.

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We Maintain a Personal Approach

Directed and coordinated by Lucía all our classes, both private, group and intensive,  are dynamic, fun, with a great diversity of resources,  so that you can start to speak with confidence, in very little time!

Learn from professional teachers, experienced

& trained in our L1S2 method

Comiendo tapas

Hold a conversation  in Spanish with ease, in little time,  thanks to our revolutionary L1S2 method.

You will learn Spanish fast! As you connect with the country's culture, history & way of life through Audio & Video courses and private lessons.

Any questions?  
Feel free to reach out.

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Av. de Lepanto, 8,

03730 Jávea, Alicante

+34 661 03 88 83

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