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We are Pioneers of Online Teaching since 2011

Learning a language must be enjoyable. Something to look forward to and entertaining.

We’ve thrown out the old-fashioned traditional methods of learning Spanish because our founder Lucia Villanueva has been in your shoes as a language student. She knows what a struggle it can be to:

● learn vocabulary
● put the words you've learned into a sentence
● try to remember grammar and structure
● then answer questions and
● keep a conversation going

It’s like trying to keep seven balls in the air at the same time when you first learn to juggle. No wonder many people find it frustrating and lose heart!


But it doesn't have to be that way.

We Maintain a Personal Approach

We are an Online School with a large capacity to take on students, but at the same time we are able to maintain a personal approach.

All our content is unique to our school and has been created by us with a very personal touch.

Live lessons are close and friendly.

"Spanish Speakers" is at the heart of our school, our community formed by all our members, teachers, myself, giving you the opportunity to share, find feedback, support, motivation, and also giving you a change to engage and practice Spanish.

Your journey, learning process, students Map, Milestones, are all part of your personal voyage through "Easy Spanish" and we are here to accompany you, myself and our team of super teachers.

Hi there,
I’m Lucía

My name is Lucía Villanueva and I have been teaching Spanish to people like you for over 30 years. I was brought up in a bilingual family and speak English and Spanish like a native. Over the many years that I have taught this beautiful language, I have come to realize that most people simply want to be able to have a conversation in Spanish. Of course, it’s important to learn vocabulary and grammar, but above all it’s the ability to talk which matters most. So I have developed an innovative teaching method which emphasizes spoken Spanish and, above all, is centred upon having fun and learning at the same time.


My Promise
to You

I use a variety of different techniques to make sure that you can find the one which suits you best.


  • Online group lessons focussed on spoken Spanish and the culture of Spain

  • Personal lessons delivered via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom

  • An online library of videos, exercises to help you speak Spanish quickly

  • Access to an online community of other Spanish students where you can share experiences, chat and improve your Spanish

  • If you are in sunny Javéa, we also offer face to face lessons through our physical academy Palabracadabra

  • And finally, we also offer full immersion courses where you can advance your Spanish quickly by experiencing life in Spain whilst you learn


Above all, I promise you that joining us will be a fun, engaging and rewarding experience. You will be amazed at how quickly you will start to understand and speak Spanish and open a door into the wonderful world of Spain, it’s beautiful language and ancient culture.


Give us a try – you won’t regret it!

Meet your teachers

Directed and coordinated by Lucía, all our classes, both private, group and intensive courses, are dynamic, fun and with a great diversity of resources, so that you can start to speak Spanish with confidence, ease and trust even with natives, in very little time!

Learn from professional teachers, experienced and trained in our L1S2 method

Screenshot 2021-10-06 at 16.10.51.png


Director & Spanish Teacher

From Great Britain

Marta Profe.jpg


Spanish Teacher

From Spain

foto Mirian.jpg


Spanish Teacher

From Spain

foto Vanesa.jpg


Spanish Teacher

From Spain

Foto de Marian.JPEG


Spanish Teacher

From Spain

Foto Nueva Álex.jpg


Spanish Teacher

From Spain

ana cuadrado foto.jpg


Spanish Teacher

From Spain

Besides being native speakers, our expert teachers are passionate about languages. Their experience and knowledge will help you improve your Spanish in a personalised way.

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