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Welcome to
Linguanet Spain!
Where we all talk Spanish

All you need to learn Spanish 1 one place!

Visit our virtual school, "Easy Spanish",

& turn your speaking fears into an exciting adventure!

Reunión de equipo virtual

"Easy Spanish"
Online School

Mobile App


It's time to elevate my Spanish,

navigate dialogues as a local,

impress amigos

& flow across

conversations effortlessly!

 Everything you need to succeed in Spanish:

  • Both, recorded & live lessons

  • Cultural block + audio library

  • Practice & support at  ​"Spanish Speakers" Forum

  • Virtual conversational Meetups

  • Homework task

  • Motivation & much more...

Our goal is to help you reach the stars!

Dive into a new learning experience with an included mobile app.

Learn from

 professional teachers

Beginners to Advanced

Regular Updates

& New Content

Tune in to the interview to discover more about how we will help you:

00:00 / 32:21

Prepare to chatter away like a pro!

Thanks to our exclusive "L1S2" method

Kickstart your journey to becoming a Spanish Master!

  Learn how to speak with ease, confidence & trust,

even when talking to natives,

in little time!

With your Monthly Plan Gain Access to all you
need to learn Spanish in 1 place: 

Clase en línea


Mobile App


Gain immediate access to all courses, live sessions, content, and community features with your "Easy Spanish"

mobile App, by you 24/7.

Designed to enhance & enrich your experience. 


"Easy Spanish"
Audio Library

Designed exclusively for our students

Enhance Your Listening

Skills with just

10 Minutes a Day!


"Spanish Speakers" Community 


A place where you can share, help others and also find feedback,

support, and motivation.

Are you ready to learn Spanish?

Get in Touch

Av. de Lepanto, 8,

03730 Jávea, Alicante

+34 661 03 88 83

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