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You still don't speak Spanish and you would like that to change?

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Linguanet Spain

Linguanet Spain has 3 parts.

All 3 have the same aim: 

Our mission is to help students learn how to hold a conversation in Spanish with ease, confidence and trust even if they are shy or talking with natives.

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Palabra Cadabra

Our on-site
language school

If you are based in sunny Jávea, Linguanet also offer face to face lessons through our physical language school.

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Easy Spanish

Our online
language school

"Easy Spanish" is Linguanet Spain's online school, where you will find courses, online

live classes, a Basic Course, culture: Fiestas, History, Cuisine & Art, Audio Library adapted to students, plus access to our Q&A section.

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Enjoy Spanish

Immersion program & experiences

At "ENJOY SPANISH" immersion courses your Spanish will advance quickly by experiencing life in Spain whilst you learn. Our programs offer opportunities to meet new people in friendly environments, where you will get a chance to speak freely, even if you make mistakes, without feeling pressured!

Revolutionizing the way we learn languages

Significantly improve your Spanish in just 2 months

Learn to maintain a conversation in a fun, easy and practical way

70% practise and 30% theory

Work with our student map to define your personal goals and review every 3 months to check in on your progress


Did you know?We have taught people in 5 continents

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Why learn Spanish with Linguanet Spain?

Acquire the tools and techniques you need to hold a conversation in Spanish with ease thanks to our L1S2 method.

Learn with professional and experienced teachers.

Levels: beginners to advanced.

Enjoy individual classes
or small groups 

Choose between online and on-site lessons

Learn with professional teachers

Beginner to advanced

Join our online school now

Meet your team of teachers

Directed and coordinated by Lucía, all our classes, both private, group and intensive courses, are dynamic, fun and with a great diversity of resources, so that you can start to speak Spanish with confidence, ease and trust even with natives, in very little time!

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Learn from professional & experienced teachers.

Experienced and trained in our

L1S2 method

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Immersion & Spanish

Teacher From Spain

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Finances & Coordination

From Spain

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Spanish Teacher

From Spain

Director & Spanish Teacher

From Great Britain

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Spanish Teacher

From Spain

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Spanish Teacher

From Spain

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Spanish Teacher

From Spain

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Spanish Teacher

From Great Britain

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Spanish Teacher

From Great Britain

Besides being native speakers, our expert teachers are passionate about languages. Their experience and knowledge will help you improve your Spanish in a personalised way.

Looking for individualised attention?

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Success Stories

Students love us because they learn to speak Spanish quickly and with confidence.

Lucia is a fantastic Spanish teacher…and friend!


She creates opportunities for language to come alive with her enthusiasm for sharing the rich culture of Spain. Lucia opened her heart to our family and encouraged us to participate in so many wonderful and unique events and opportunities.


You will always have a special place in my heart…thank you Lucia!

Sheryl Bowhay - Canada


We taught the celebrities on

Channel 5 U.K. TV Program "Costa del Celebrity"

Watch the video

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We are helping to fight for a better world 

Lucía Villanueva is very proud to be the official volunteer translator of the organisation. 


BRaVE Group for Venezuela highlights human rights abuses.

We are teachers
of teachers

We collaborate with Universities training teachers of Spanish as a Second Language.

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Why is "Linguanet Spain" so different to other language schools?

First of all, because we are not a random class selling platform. Actually we differ a lot from being a simple online exchange location. We are a proper school, with our own method, objectives, professional, experienced and well-structured team of teachers. Other platforms are a simple contact Blabla car, an Airbnb, a point of sale for classes, but we are a school with its corresponding guarantee and prestige.

Do students get a chance to speak?

Lessons are very interactive, the main aim is for you to talk. Linguanet Spain is a whole new concept of language school, very practical, & it includes a lots of immersion content. In fact, it's the nearest you can get to immersion without actually traveling. Your classes are made up of 70% practice and 30% theory.

What does L1S2 stand for?

Listen 1, Speak2 ,with our revolutionary method you'll learn Spanish fast at the same time you connect with the Spanish culture, history and way of life.

How much time should I invest in "Easy Spanish"?

It depends on your level of Spanish. At the schools Milestone you will find this aspect clearly explained. Ideally 1 to 2 hours per week work with the courses + plus an extra hour attending to the live lessons. Basically, the more you put in the sweeter but we prefer consistency to amount.

Can I upgrade to an annual membership later?

Yes, you are free to upgrade whenever you wish.

Do I receive anything in the mail when I join?

Yes, you receive a welcome email, after that you receive a weekly reminder of the online class, the content and a link to join the Zoom.

I’m not 100% sure whether "Easy Spanish" is right for me, do you offer a trial so I can test it out?

You can check out the Tour around the school, that you can find on Linguanet Spain's website. If you decide to go ahead and subscribe for a month but then realize it's not for you, as I mentioned before, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Do you offer refunds?

We don´t offer refunds as the school already has a very small price. If we offer refunds admin cost for cancelations would be too high therefore we would need to increase our rates. Our aim is to help more people, and make sure the price is at the reach of most people wanting to learn Spanish.

Is there a commitment to stay?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, once you have cancelled it will run until your next payment is due, then your subscription will expire.

How does Learning Online compare to a Face to Face setting?

The truth is that our online school has a lot more to offer students than any traditional course will ever have, because at a traditional setting once you leave the classroom you are on your own as a student. Here at "Easy Spanish" that no longer happens, thanks to a Q&A, recorded courses, on demand live lessons, engaging audios, songs, culture, all very interactive, thanks to our community of "Spanish Lovers". And it's 24x7!