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Private Classes

Hola amigos!

To all vintage souls who can't get enough

of that good old classroom vibe!


We've got the perfect fix for you:

Bienvenidos to our cozy language school in Jávea,

where we've been since 2007.

Get ready to dive into lively group discussions

& relive that classic classroom charm.

We've got a  language secret :

our L1S2 approach that's all about

getting you chatting en español,




Our small classes mean you get special treatment & attention,

to ensure you feel at home while we help you master the language.




Why learn it with us?

Because our mission is to make you feel

confident & master the essentials for your daily life in Spain.

If you are Struggling to understand?  Fear not!

We  have many tips & exercises to help work out what's going on!

Say goodbye to boring grammar and vocab lists! Instead,

we'll focus on what's relevant to your everyday life in Spain.


we'll teach you ticks to make speaking easier & straightforward.

It's time to get dramatic!

Our courses offer countless chances to practice, thanks to our role-play life situations, games, challenges, quizzes, etc......

to help boost your communication skills & speak like a pro!


Ready to unlock the key to Spanish?


Exciting Upcoming Courses for Adults!

It's time to join the fiesta!


This 4 weeks course, includes:


10 x 50 min classes/week

-Follow Up with a WhatsApp group.

-Q&A, for you to solve all your questions

-Audios, for you to practice

at home before each lessons

dates throughout the course.

-Homework reminder & follow up

 -Real live practice situations.
-Group photos

-Lots of fun thanks to

Interactive group practice & exercises.

                        -Access to a Basic Online Course                         

 -Motivation & support throughout the course

Classes are 20% formal 


80% conversation practice

+ course book

+ Achievement Certificate 

Price 400€

Our mission is to arm students with

the know-how, confidence & talent

to chat away in Spanish!

That's numero uno!

Levels & Syllabus:

 Beginners A1

Upper-Beginners A2

Pre-Intermediate B1


Intermediate B2 

Upcoming courses:


Pre- Intermediate: 

Monday 8th January 2024


Monday 12th February 2024

 Upper Beginners:

Monday 8th of April 2024

To determine your Spanish skills, contact us for an assessment test &

find out your real level

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