Our Online Language School:
Easy Spanish

In the summer of 2011 we pioneered online lessons over Skype. Our online school is our next step.

Join "Easy Spanish" - the new immersion membership online school from Linguanet Spain - a fresh and exciting way to learn Spanish from home. You will have access to native experienced teachers and to extra content like quizzes, games, challenges and much more!

Learn Spanish as a foreign language. 
You will have access to:

Online courses

Culture: Fiestas, history, cuisine & art

Exclusive Q&A area

Live online classes

Audio library adapted to students

Live an immersive Spanish experience from your home


Our main objective is for you to achieve your goal and start to speak Spanish!

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All this for only

35€ monthly subscription

Switch to a yearly plan now and SAVE 20%  That's almost 3 months free!

Because we want lots of people to be able to have access to our high quality content & enjoy our courses for little money! 


Welcome to "Easy Spanish" Linguanet Spains online school, where you will find courses, online live classes, a Basic Course, culture: Fiestas, History, Cuisine & Art, Audio Library adapted to students, plus you will have access to our Q&A section.


You will become part of a "Community of Spanish Lovers", where you will get a chance to share your progress, experiences, and struggles with other students, to find the feedback you need to keep motivated and moving forward.


You will not only learn the grammar and vocabulary you need to start holding your first conversations, you will also acquire the tools and techniques you need to hold a conversation in Spanish with ease thanks to our method L1S2.


You will live an "Immersion Experience" without having to travel to visit the country, become familiar with Spain, this is unique feature that our online school offers.

Start learning Spanish today!

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