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Welcome to 
"Easy Spanish"

Online Language School

All our content is unique to our school
 with a personal touch

Exclusively for our students


Find all you need to learn Spanish:

fresh and exciting way to learn from home

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Thanks to

"Easy Spanish"

Mobile app you will start speaking

Spanish no time!




 You will not only learn grammar and vocabulary,

but also the tools and techniques you need to hold a

conversation in Spanish with ease thanks to our method L1S2

You will enjoy an "Immersion Experience"

without having to travel &

become familiar with Spanish culture

By joining
"Easy Spanish" you will access:


Live & recorded courses + Q&A

Kids Course,  Music section


Culture sections,

learn about cuisine, history, regions & fiestas.

Immersion without travel.

Access to the audio library + weekly "listening" lessons, learn listening techniques you will only find at our school.

Understanding when people speak is key to be able to answer!


An exclusive 30-minute "assessment" & "strategy" session with Lucía to complete your personal "Student's Map" & define a plan for you


Join our community of "Spanish Speakers", share with others

on the same path, find and give feedback & support

Monday is our community day, BIEN!


Find a chance to practice you Spanish at

 "Conversation Exchange Board" & "Online Meetups

Become part of 

"Spanish Speakers"

At the heart of our community of students

+ teachers, find a chance to share, get feedback, support, motivation as you practice Spanish


Q&A with

Lucía Villanueva 

throw close, fun & friendly live lessons 

quizzes, games, challenges + much more!


Basic Course
4 courses per level 

Cultural Experience

Cuisine, History, Fiestas

Immersion without having to travel!

Build your personalized Student Map following our Milestone Spanish Roadmap
to success.

The Audio Library
 Variety of listening resources to help improve your understanding of Spanish 


+ New regular content 

a complete

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Thanks to our revolutionary L1S2

(Listen 1, Speak 2) method you'll learn Spanish fast as you connect with the country's culture, history

& way of life.

First months for just

 After €75 per month
or Yearly €750

Cancel anytime

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Receive free access to our Basic Course!
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Learn about Spanish Culture, and much more...

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